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SEO Training


SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is one of the best and long lasting way of digital marketing. In the SEO process, we optimize websites with on page and off page techniques.

Codipixel Services Pvt. Ltd. is the leading Training Institute for the SEO course. We provide live projects to students for practical knowledge.


Our SEO course helps in how to carry out both off-page and on-page search engine optimization activities on a website and how to check results using various tools, compare with competitors. During the course period, we provide live projects so that students can check their knowledge and understand how things work practically.

Course Outline:
  • Duration: 5 Months
  • Fee: RS 6000
  • Schedule: 2 Hours/ 2 Days a week (Saturday and Sunday)
  • Introduction to Search Engines functionality
  • Search Engine on and off page optimization
  • Keyword Research, Analysis Through Google Analytics and Google Search Console
  • Search Engine Optimization tools
  • Content strategy and Blogging
  • Link Building strategy
  • Google Algorithms
  • Global Search Engine Optimization
  • Phase 1:Introduction to Search Engines functionality

  • History of search engines
  • How search engines works
  • The anatomy of a search results page
  • Organic vs sponsored search results
  • Search engine crawling, indexing and caching
  • Schema, Rich snippets and data structure
  • Penguin, Panda, Hummingbird & other algorithms
  • Phase 2:Search Engine on and off page optimization

  • Content optimization
  • Anchor texts
  • Title optimization
  • Internal and external linking
  • The relevance of architecture in optimization
  • Video optimization
  • Phase 3:Keyword Research , Analysis and keyword terms

  • Keyword density
  • Keyword prominence
  • Keyword positioning
  • Keyword planner
  • Keyword ranking
  • Phase 4:Search Engine optimization tools

  • Google Analytics
  • Google webmasters and working with penalized sites
  • Google keyword planner tool
  • Google My business and bing places
  • Alexa rank checker
  • URL rewriting tool
  • Cloaking checker
  • Google pagerank tool/ Moz PA/DA, Alexa and other ranking tools
  • Back link anchor text analytics
  • Errors Types and Redirects
  • Rank signals
  • Backlink builder
  • All in one seo packs
  • Phase 5:Search engine optimization during web design

  • Title , Meta description and meta keyword
  • Spider-friendly code design
  • Navigation element plan
  • Search Engine compatibility and web layout for search engine optimization
  • Phase 6:Back Linking

  • Directory submission
  • Social media posts and shares
  • Guest posting and Article submission
  • Blog commenting
  • RSS feeds
  • Links solicitation, One way links, two way links and links farms
  • Phase 7:Spamming in Search Engine optimization

  • White Hat vs Black hat vs Grey hat seo Techniques
  • Duplicate content
  • Cloaking and phishing
  • Page redirects
  • Doorway pages
  • Hidden text
  • Keyword stuffing
  • Link farms
  • Phase 8:Global Search Engine optimization

  • Optimizing a website for global presence
  • Optimizing for websites such as baidu and yandex
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